Thema Student/in Betreuung
Implementation and Characterisation of TLS over Iso-TP for Deeply Embedded Devices Mohammed Abdelnasser Barghash Prof. Dr. Sikora, Herr Yushev, M.Eng.
Investigations on the Performance of Bluetooth Enabled Mesh Networking Junaedi Adi Prasetyo Prof. Dr. Sikora, Herr Yushev, M.Eng.
Behaviour of IoT Device in a Congestion Scenario Ivonne Stephanne Rodriguez Bejarano Prof. Dr. Sikora, Frau Raddino, M.Sc.
Analysis of Deep Learning Ruth Tesfaye Zibello Prof. Dr. Trahasch, Prof. Dr. Lauer
Mobile broadband services in 700 MHz – compatibility analyses between terrestrial TV and LTE Umar Said Habibulloh Prof. Dr. Christ, Dipl.-Ing. Morgen
Design and characterization of antennas for 24 GHz radar Ramakrishna Sai Silla Prof. Dr. Schüssele, Herr Ortega, M.Sc.
Pattern-based evaluation of an open-source process management tool Carlos Ernesto Omana Vargas Prof. Dr. Orb, Prof. Dr. Münchenberg
Lightweight M2M Analysis and Optimization in Constrained Networks and Implementation of Server Side LWM2M Over MQTT Danny Alkouri Prof. Dr. Sikora, Herr Scherzinger, MBA
Characterization of ViValdi Antenna in the Frequency Range of 1 GHz and 2 GHz by Using a Wide Band Radar Excitation and a 2 Axis Mechanical System Jorge Luis Solano Prof. Dr. Schröder, Valentin Ortega Clavero, M.Sc.