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Professional Perspectives

This sudy programme gives you the choice between a:

  1. Master's programme: You can follow an in-depth Master's programme and thus further qualify for a position in research and development.
  2. Teacher studies: You can join the special postgraduate Master's programme in Electrical Power Engineering/Physics (EP-BB) in order to become a teacher at vocational schools.
  3. or a direct entry as an engineer: You can start your professional career in industry and business. In the field of energy supply, we can offer you activities in the following areas:

·         Network planning (planning of high-, medium- and low-voltage three-phase current networks as well as high-voltage direct current transmission Systems)

·         System development (e.g. switchgear, circuit breakers, inverters, reactive power compensation Systems)

·         Plant construction (e.g. cable and overhead line construction, switchgear construction)

·         electrical Systems and networks: Operation and maintenance 

·         Network Control and protection technology 

·         Planning and monitoring of photovoltaic- and wind energy plants

·         Conception of Smart Grids

·         Electricity trading (balancing group and timetable management, portfolio management, electricity procurement)

This means that you can work, for example, as a development, project planning, commissioning, maintenance and repair engineer.