Professional Perspectives

The following professional fields are typical for graduates who have chosen Automation as their focus area:

  • Process and Factory Automation (planning and commissioning of production lines, machining centres and production units) including networking of information exchange systems
  • Component Development (Development of measuring, control, regulating, control and monitoring devices for stationary and mobile applications)
  • Simulation of Process Sequences (preliminary investigations during device development, testing of components on an HIL test bench)
  • Control and Regulation of Production Plants and Individual Devices


In the field of Communication Technology, the development activities of

  • the design of filters for information selection,
  • the design and implementation of coding and decoding techniques for messages,
  • the construction of transmitters and receivers as well as
  • the provision of mobile devices are characteristic.


Graduates can also be employed in the following areas, irrespective of their focus:

  • Equipment Testing, Service
  • Qualitymanagement
  • Project Management, Management of Working Groups and Departments


In addition to a direct entry into an engineering career, students have the opportunity to continue their studies in German- or English-language Master's programmes: