Study Content

The first three semesters serve as a subject-specific orientation and introduction to academic studies. Students gain the fundamental knowledge required later during their studies, as well as an overview of the different specializations within the broad field of electrical engineering and information technology.

In the fourth semester, students choose two out of five possible specializations for further advancing their knowledge and skills:

  • Automation Engineering
  • Electric Mobility
  • Embedded Systems
  • Power Engineering
  • Communication Technology

This allows students to remain flexible and explore their personal interests before settling on specializations.

For the same reason, i. e. to afford students a high degree of flexibility, there are no separations into different degree courses (such as electromobility, energy technology, etc.).

In addition, the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program provides for intensive laboratory phases, a practical semester, and the opportunity to be involved in ongoing research projects at the University; study and research are closely connected in the degree course. Non-subject-specific courses are also integrated, in order to prepare students for the broad variety of future professional activities.