Module Guide

Automation Systems

Teaching methods Lecture/lab
Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 6.0
  • Classes:90 h
  • Individual/
    Group work:90 h

  • Workload:18 0 h
ECTS 6.0
Max. participants 0
Recommended semester 6
Frequency Annually (ss)
Lectures Automatisierungssysteme
Type Lecture
Nr. E+I251
Hours per week 4.0
Lecture contents

1. Introduction to automation systems
    - Definitions
    - Application areas and automation objects
    - Design goals in automation
2. Sensors and actuators in automation
3. Control methods
    - Difference of feedforward control and feedback control
    - The programming standard DIN EN 61131-3
    - Logic operation functions
    - Logic operation controls
    - Sequence controls
    - Alternative descriptions of sequence controls (GRAFCET, petrinets, automata)
4. Automation computers and systems
    - Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
    - Distributed control sytems (DCS)
5. Industrial communication
    - Fieldbuses (AS-interface, Profibus)
    - Ethernet TCP / IP
    - Industrial Ethernet (ProfiNet, SercosIII, EtherCAT)
    - Intelligent point-to-point connections (IO-Link, HART protocol)
6. Manufacturing systems
    - computerized numeric controls (CNC)
    - industrial robots


Becker, N., Automatisierungstechnik, 2. Auflage, Würzburg, Vogel Business Media, 2014
Langmann, R., Taschenbuch der Automatisierung, 2. Auflage, München, Fachbuchverl. Leipzig Verlag, 2010

Labor Automatisierungssysteme
Type Lab
Nr. E+I252
Hours per week 2.0
Lecture contents

- Serial communication interfaces exemplified by V.24 / TTY interface
- SIMATIC S7 and visualization with WIN CC
- control of a process tank
- configuration of an AC motor system via ProfiNet
- distributed control systems PCS 7


Detailed laboratory instructions. HS printing

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