Module Guide

Electrical Drives I

Teaching methods Lecture
Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 6.0
  • Classes:90 h
  • Individual/
    Group work:90 h

  • Workload:180 h
ECTS 6.0
Max. participants 0
Recommended semester 4
Frequency Annually (ss)
Lectures Leistungselektronik
Type Lecture
Nr. E+I256
Hours per week 4.0
Lecture contents

- tasks of power electronics
- components of power electronics
- AC power controllers and three-phase AC power controllers
- line-commutated power converters
- self-commutated power converters
- inverters
- control methods for converters and inverters
- introduction into space phasor theory

Grundlagen elektrischer Antriebe
Type Lecture
Nr. E+I257
Hours per week 2.0
Lecture contents

- basic principles of drive systems: loads, gearboxes, motors, converters, power systems
- basic principles of drive technology: mechanical quantities, energy flow consideration, torque generation, losses, efficiency of electrical machines, rotating field
- DC motors: structure, mode of operation, basic equations, operating behaviour, DC motors with permanent magnet excitation, series-wound DC machine, universal motor
- synchronous machines: design, mode of operation, basic equations, operating behaviour, single phase operation, comparison permanent / reluctance / hysteresis rotor - stepping motors: design and circuit, power supply and control, linear motors for small outputs

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