VLSI Laboratory


Campus Offenburg, room B 145

Profile and objectives

In the laboratory for integrated user circuits, students design electronic circuits on high-quality CAE systems. As part of the "Communications Engineering" course, all students of the 7th semester go through six consecutive experiments.

Scientific head of laboratory

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elke Mackensen


The following technologies are available in the laboratory:

  • UMC 90nm, 180 nm CMOS 6M1P-Process via Europractice
  • AMI 0.35 Analog/RF/CMOS 5M2P - Process via Europractice
  • AMS 0.35 Analog/Digital/RF 4M2P - Process via Europractice
  • further processes, also XFAB and HV on request, also via CMP

Other process technologies including BiCMOS and GaAs technology are available through EUROPRACTICE. This covers practically all conceivable applications. The laboratory works closely with the MPC group of universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg and has been a member of EUROPRACTICE since 1991.

Internships and Tutorials


  1. UNIX system + input of circuit diagrams,
  2. analog simulation of a field effect transistor and a NAND3 gate,
  3. digital simulation of an example circuit,
  4. creating the layout of an inverter in full custom style,
  5. interactive placement and routing of an example circuit,
  6. placement and routing of the circuit with automatic tools.

The most important programs (tools) required for the design of integrated circuits are used in the context of simple example circuits. Test 6 is a complete design of a chip, albeit a very small one, which is tested, compacted and finally prepared for production according to all the rules of art. The students get to know the entire design process from the task to the finished chip.
Within the framework of studies and diploma theses, sufficient time is available to practice the design methodology and the handling of the programs more intensively. Designs are then created, which are produced by multi-project chip organizations and which then flow into more extensive development projects.